Saurashtra Capital Services Pvt. Ltd (SCSPL) has commenced it’s market operations with Bombay stock Exchange Ltd (BSE) w.e.f. July 25,1995 and with National Stock Exchange, Mumbai w.e.f. October 25, 2000. However, it is pertinent to note that the promoters of the company were establised sub brokers having experience of more than ten years in market operations before embarking upon the venture to coporatise the business.

Saurashtra Capital is the broking distribution and upcoming company and is one of the top retail brokers in Stock Exchange Numbai (BSE).

Over a short span often turbulent years on the Indian stock markets, the company has built an imprassive list of about 50 SEBI registered sub brokers has given Fifty(50) bolt terminals of BSE and Bolt terminals of NSE operating throughout the country.

Due the constant and persistent endeavour, the has been able to record phenomenal growth in turnover in the last ten years from Rs. 15850 lacs in the year 1995-96 to Rs. 418631 lacs in the years 2004-05. The biggest asset of the company is its team of 6 executives and 20 dedicated employees Most of the employees have been with the company since incorporation and have developed insights into the functioning and operations of the stock markets. The company recognises merit and values services and integrity towards the clients. At Saurashtra Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. ‘Customer is King’ is not just part of management jargon.

Saurashtra Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the retail stock broking company of BSE and NSE to have a Proprietory back office management system running on latest information technology available. This has enabled the company to establish a wide area network among its clients. The system has the capacity; to handle a multifold expansion in business volume in the years to come. This is the backbone of Saurashtra’s operations and has placed the company at a unique advantage against its competitors.

Mukesh K. Doshi :
Chairman and Director 35 years in capital market

Mayur J. Doshi :
Designated director (BSE) 20 years in capital market

Bina M. Doshi :
Director 15 years in capital market

Paras H. Sanghvi :
Designated Director (BSE & NSE) 30 years in capital market
Compliance Officer

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